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Rabbit Hutches

Ideal Rabbit Hutch Plans

The key to making any project a success is determined by how much time is put into the preparation stage. This is the same principle that is applied when building any kind of shelters. For any building, the structure is the key component that is analyzed in detail during the design process. For rabbits, hutches can come in different kinds of plans and the right one is only as good as the needs of a particular rabbit keeper. In general, however, there are essential elements that need to be part of the plan if you are to come up with a great rabbit hutch. Here are a few key indicators of what ideal rabbit hutch plans must entail.

Best Rabbit Hutch Plans

Bedding space

It is no surprise that one the main uses of the hutch will be to provide the rabbits with a comfortable shelter where they can sleep or rest at any time of the day. It is not enough to just provide some space as the bedding area though. There needs to be bedding material where the rabbits will sleep. Such material can be made of different kinds of material like newspapers or other kinds of paper. Hay can also be used for the bedding area as it is comfortable enough for the needs of the animals. Whichever the material, it is important to prepare the bedding area properly for the best sleeping conditions.

Ample feeding area

As a general rule, a good hutch should be big enough for the rabbits to move around freely and still have some space left. This is because rabbits are territorial and tend to hop around from time to time. The feeding area should thus be strategically located away from their play area. The plan can include some elevation to that area if the hutch will be compact, or at least have some demarcation such that the rabbits access it only when they want to feed. The plan should also allocate space for any feeding equipment like bowls.

General features

In addition to feeding and bedding space, rabbit hutches can be designed in many different ways depending on the amount of time they spend in the hutch. Rabbits that spend the day in the hutch will need a bigger hutch that probably has some storeys so that they can play, feed and sleep in the same hutch. Hutches can also have a litter area where all the resultant waste within the hutch goes. Most hutches made from wood need some sort of painting for aesthetics and to increase durability as well. Outdoor hutches must be equipped with some panels to guard the animals against rain.

The various rabbit hutch plans that can be considered ultimately depend on the number of rabbits kept, the budget range and time. Whether you are buying or constructing a hutch, it is crucial to consider these tenets. It is also important to remember that accessories for the hutch need to be replaced or added from time to time. This should thus feature prominently while considering the plan.