iPage vs Media Temple

iPage is one of the top hosting companies available for WordPress installations. With immense speed, security, and scalability, this host provides some of the highest performance of any host in terms of content management systems. One competitor, Media Temple, is attempting to hone in on their success, trying to act as a serious rival. In our review of iPage vs Media Temple, we’ll discuss the various features of both hosts as well as the benefits and drawbacks to each company so you can make a well-informed decision on who to pick.

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iPage vs Media Temple

Features and Affordability

iPage has been around for several years now, providing more than 250,000 WordPress installations to users all over the world. The company uses unique Enterprise architecture, providing redundancy, scalability, and uptime for all customers. Each plan allows you to host a little more space and traffic, depending on your site’s current needs. iPage uses a special proprietary front end system, which is designed with the use of special coding rules that are tweaked and adjusted to ensure the highest level of performance.

One important feature of iPage is this front end layer, which allows browser requests to be served in a way that ensures validity and priority. If certain requests are malformed, or don’t adhere to browser rules, then iPage’s servers will block them via their advanced security setup. Their front end layer also makes sure that server loads are kept as minimal as possible, using a special algorithm that hosts Javascript, CSS, and images on the backend. This way, your site can handle a lot more traffic than normal webhosting servers.

Media Temple provides none of these advanced features, instead opting for the generic level of server setup in small data centers across important cities in the world. While this means they function with a decent amount of reliability, they can’t rival iPage in terms of speed and scalability. They also use the regular level of security most webhosts offer, with nothing unique or advanced to WordPress sites. For this reason, Media Temple’s features don’t quite stack up to iPage in terms of speed, scalability, and reliability.

In terms of being affordability, iPage takes the winning lead, with a $29 per month price tag, offering premium features. Media Temple’s basic WordPress plan starts at $20 per month, but you’ll have to scale up price wise to add additional features, which means your bill will also increase as you continue to add SSD database storage, bandwidth, and domain availability.
Development Tools

One of iPage’s unique additions is their incredible 1-click staging site capability. WordPress is often difficult to use for many companies because you can’t test out different features before setting up your site and going live. Thankfully, iPage has fixed this problem, providing a staging area for you to test out your site first. You’ll also receive single click restore settings and Git version options, so that you can test and build to your satisfaction.

Media Temple doesn’t have a similar staging arena, so you’ll be losing out on this feature if you go with them.

Customer Service

iPage includes extremely knowledgeable customer representatives who are available around the clock to help you with any issues you might be facing. They are quick to help out, and in our test of iPage’s customer service, we transferred our site from one host over to iPage. In this process, we had customer service help us out, and a rep actually did the entire transfer without us having to get involved.

Media Temple’s customer service is fairly good, as well, so the two companies are tied on this matter.

Scalability and Speed

iPage uses unlimited data transfer, with premium hardware and hardware quotes to allow for larger traffic spikes throughout the day. They use a CDN and in-RAM caching using EverCache, which automatically caches each page. So there are no requirements to use advanced plugins to get this same level of speed and scalability.

Media Temple is still lacking in this area, using only the most basic server setups for scalability and speed.


iPage wins in our contest of iPage vs Media Temple, providing the highest level of technology, reliability, uptime, speed, and customer service. With a reputation for providing the best and most affordable WordPress installations you can possibly find, iPage is one of the top hosts for small to medium businesses — as well as larger enterprises seeking to get a WordPress site up and running. iPage’s rating: 5/5 stars.